Submit Your Forest Field Visit

Are you someone who likes to spend time in the forest, a forest expert, or someone who would like to learn more about forests? Share your knowledge, experiences and questions in a Forest Field Visit – a short video.

Forests concern all of us – by storing carbon, providing alternatives to fossil based materials and energy, offering livelihoods, biodiverse habitats, as well as a source of recreation and culture. Get your say in how we live, love and work with our forests. Be part of the Forest Field Visit digital exhibition. 

What is a Forest Field Visit?
A maximum 3-minute-long video (and as short as you like) using your smart phone, portrait. You can make it in the forest or any environment connected to the forest (perhaps a wooden building, a research lab, or cooking mushrooms). It is about sharing a direct experience of your knowledge, thoughts, feelings, questions. 

Examples of themes that your Forest Field Visit might address (other ideas welcome too):

  • Forest facts – share your knowledge on forests. What should more people know about forests and activities associated with them?
  • Forest practices – share what you do directly or indirectly related to forests. Is there a skill other people might enjoy, or practice that could contribute to fighting climate change?
  • Forest questions – share what you would like to learn about forests. Remember asking questions is usually helpful for other people too.
  • Forest feelings – share what forests mean to you. How do forests enrich your life?
  • Forest perspectives – who has a stake in the forest and who should have a voice? Share your own perspective or those of a particular community, other species, even other time.

Keep the focus on one or two things you want to share in the film. You are welcome to submit several field visits if you have more to share. Forest professionals and laypeople are all welcome to contribute – forests concern us all.

Instructions / Technical tips
Forest Field Visits are easy to make – just use a smartphone. Feel free to move around, but stay still when you talk. Keep your film to maximum 3 minutes. Just make another one if you have more to share.

How will Forest Field Visits be used?

Forest Field Visits will be collected in an online exhibition and resource – free to use and contribute to by everyone to increase our shared knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of forests. The first edition of the exhibition opens on 13th September, 2022. Please submit before 1st September to be part of this issue. 

Share the invitation:

Who should have a say in forest issues – and who should hear your voice? Please share this call with people who you think should be part of this. Forest Field visits form part of the project Forest Meetings which is hosted by Linnaeus University, and the Knowledge Environment Green Sustainable Development. Forest Meetings are a series of digital sessions where a transdisciplinary and international group of people will explore, exemplify, discuss, generate ideas connected with forest and sustainability.